Last day of training for the squad!

Well, before the Colours at least. So that’s it, four months of training done and dusted. And all of them are set to shoot well on Saturday. I’m expecting several scores above 500, and personal bests from all of them.

The training itself went quite well in some respects, but we can improve on it yet again for next year. I’m already making notes on ways to do that. That’s the great thing about coaching the squad – every year, new faces who’ve not had years of bad coaching ideas pushed into their heads, so you can start training them right away instead of having to break through bad training first.

So now, we just meet up on Friday at 1800 on the range to pack gear away, I drive it out to WTSC that night, then it’s back to the range for 0730 on Saturday morning to get everyone on the bus and try to get away as fast as possible, and start shooting at 0900 out in WTSC. And then we shoot, and we shoot, and we shoot. So far, it looks like six full details – that’s 12 hours of shooting all told. Haven’t seen that in far too long 🙂 It’s going to be great!

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