NTSA Committee Meeting #5

Traffic getting to this meeting was a pain in the backside. Typical really, with that barrier in the middle of UCD.

The meeting was a bit fustrating, in that we’ve got a ton of stuff sitting over our heads, and we can’t just dive right in and get started. The whole consultation process setup is the best way for us to improve the NTSA, but if you were to just take whatever submissions you had and start acting on them, not everyone’s had a voice into it. At the same time, you have to start at some point. We’re not quite there yet, but you can see it from here.

The really fustrating thing though, is that we are making progress. In the past ten years, I don’t remember seeing this much push from the top, not once. But it’s not immediately visible from the ground, both because we’ve not solved our communications problems and because there’s a lot of inertia to cope with. At least I have an idea on how to solve the former problem!

Sadly, the NTSA website is in a bad state of disrepair. It’s going to be a major job to fix it, and with the colours coaching swiping all my time, I don’t know if I can fix it before then. I should have it sorted before the Nationals though.

Saw RRPC’s new electronic targets tonight as well. Lovely looking things, like a mechanical engineer tried his hand at computer engineering 🙂 Can’t wait to shoot on them, but I have no idea when that’ll be 🙁

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