What goes on… must come off!

Well, it’s nearly the new year again. And my weight problem is still there. However, that may hopefully be about to change. Myself and herself are both going on the Atkins diet from Jan 1 onwards. (Tomorrow’s a wedding, and there’ll be bubbly on New Year’s Eve, plus Jan 1 is a monday, so it’s a little easier that way).

So the Atkins preparations have begun. Saturday, we’re getting another weighing scales so that we can both check our weight each morning (for plotting on bellygraph.com) to track our progress, I’m digging out my old reference books and recipes for the diet, and we’re dumping stashes of chocolate and pantry supplies that won’t help.

There will also be swimming for both of us, a sadly missed hole where tuesday night pizza used to be, and I must find a bicycle to cycle to/from the DART station in greystones and possibly a backpack of some kind (since briefcases aren’t great for cycling purposes).

And of course, this all means more planning. In fact, I have to take time this Saturday to sit down and go through my calendar for the next few weeks and plan out what happens and when.

I do rather like the whole shake-down and refactoring process, but it’s a good bit of work too. And while the end outcome will be a much easier life on the firing line once I get my weight to my desired range of 200-210lbs, then I’ll have to get a new shooting suit, rebuild the position, probably change the rifle setup… yeesh!

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