Weekends keep getting harder…

A wierd weekend, that one. Work’s pressing hard right now, so 16-hour days all last week, and when I got out of the car at herself’s on Friday night, I was so tired I forgot to grab my phone as I left the car. Remembered it two or three hours later, went to get it and of course the passanger side window is all over the road and the car seats, and the phone is long gone. Cue learning about roadside assist, reporting theft to the Gardai, insurance and Autoglass repairs and so on. All fixed by sunday lunchtime, but bloody awkward for all involved.

Swimming on Sunday morning, but only for forty minutes or so. Getting better, bit by bit. Back again on tuesday. Spent the rest of Sunday in work up to half eleven that night.

Saturday was the very odd day though. The NTSA AGM was held, and we were expecting it’d be a loud shouting match. And on many occasions it was – lots of stuff has built up over the past year or two.  But while we were expecting a long drawn-out argument from start to finish, we were surprised when apologies for some things were offered, and suggestions we’d made were taken up. So much so, in fact, that we decided we’d go forward and volunteer some of our people to the NTSA board. And then I got volunteered as well, which I wasn’t expecting. So now I’m facing a year as the NTSA secretary. Decidedly the oddest day of the weekend.  And now we spend a few days figuring out what our goals for the year will be and then we have the first meeting to go over these, lay out the year’s plan and then we get started.

There’s a very positive feeling towards this in WTSC right now. The potential for this is enormous. Myself, well, I’m perhaps a bit less euphoric but it’s very promising. I guess this is what the phrase “cautiously optimistic” was drafted for…

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