WAA Postal Round 3

Argh! Well that sucked. Went out to Wilkinstown on Sunday, got onto the line, got into the gear and all lined up and then everything went to hell. Started sweating like a pig, the pulse noise was enormous, muscle control went out the window. I only shot the half-match (rules let you shoot a round in two halves), but even that will have put my score into the toilet. I don’t know what happened – I haven’t had that kind of a performance in several years.

Nothing for it but to keep on dry-firing at home and training, and put this down to it being an odd day. If it recurs, I’ll have to sit down with my coach and talk about it.

In other news, new blog layout and URL (http://10point9.ie). Not too shabby, but I don’t like this new default template much. Some tinkering will take place.

Also, the Criminal Justice Bill 2004 has gone through the Committee Stage. The Minister has said he wants to get it passed before the Dail summer recess on July 6, and it’s still full of holes. More on this later, I’m going to actually try writing them up for a change.

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