A series of small things brought together

One of the problems I always seem to have with training is that I can feel like I’ve got everything nailed down at the end of the last session, but when I start the next one, I feel like I’m going into it cold, and whatever sense I had the last time gets lost. The training diary helps a lot with that, but it still happens to a degree. That’s pretty much what happened on Sunday; for the first hour or so I felt like I’d forgotten something pretty basic and couldn’t figure it out.

The truly fustrating thing was that it was small stuff going wrong. Some shots, it was perfect; I actually shot a 10.9 and knew it was a 10.9; but the next shot was a low right nine and the two shots felt identical. They even looked identical. Matt had to tape the shot plan for some time before he spotted the variation in my eye relief.

Here’s what it should look like:
Correct Eye Relief

And here’s what it shouldn’t look like:
Poor Eye Relief

Small change, huh? Here’s it in more detail:
This: Correct eye relief leads to this: Good Ten

this: Poor eye relief leads to this: Bad shot

But it takes a fustratingly long time to figure out what’s going wrong in these cases, and until then, you get inconsistent results like these:

But after we’d fixed it, the results seemed fine:

(that’s just the two shots, my feet were in actual pain by this point from standing for four hours).

So worth it from the training point of view, even if it was just small little changes that brought about the major change in performance. Even my new mascot approved:

Bad Taste Bear mascot

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