'Flu continued…

Been down with what feels like a low-grade dose of the ‘flu for the last week. Doped up on Lemsip and those Lemsip flu relief things in order to get to work, but I feel about as focussed as a very unfocussed thing. So no training at all done since the last day (if you can’t pick up the bag with the gear in it without feeling drained, you probably don’t want to try getting into the gear 😀 ). Plus, an air rifle range is like a classroom in that it’s an enclosed space with other people. Go in there with a cold and everyone leaves with one. Not a civic thing to do!

So no training this weekend, but I will have to get to Wilkinstown for the club’s AGM on Sunday morning, so on the road by 0930 probably 🙁 Blast it. I like my Sunday morning lie-ins, especially when I’m a bit sniffly and miserable. Oh well. At least I’ll be off with the Lady to watch Serenity tonight and The Curse of the WereRabbit tomorrow, that’ll put me in a good mood 🙂

Anyway, this AGM won’t be much like the AGMs I’ve had to go to in the past while. Less political, for a start. Yes, we’ll do the usual AGM stuff of reporting on the year and electing the officers for next year, but there’s no real changes expected there. There are some new club rules to be talked about, but most of the AGM will be taken up with forward planning for the next year; what the club’s aims will be, how we’ll go after them, and so on. This AGM I’m actually looking forward to attending!

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