Kerry v. Tyrone

Even target shooters watch other sports y’know 😀

Anyway, not a great match. Kerry and Tyrone are equally matched teams, with very different styles of play, and that holds the promise of some truly magnificent games; but yesterday’s most certainly wasn’t one of them. Ten minutes in and Cooper’s down with a poke to the eye, not just off the ball, but in the other half of the field. There’s pushing and shoving back from the other Kerry lads in response to that. Later, we watch Galvin pick up a punch to the face from the Tyrone captain (who’s meant to be setting the standard for his team) right in front of the ref and caught on camera. And by this point, Kerry’s being just as bad back. What kind of example is that supposed to set for the kids in GAA teams all round the country? Other than “get a dig in when you think you can get away with it and get their guys off the field”? Ice hockey might have that kind of idea, but last I checked, football wasn’t meant to be a combat sport, if it was, we’d just give all the players hurleys and let them beat the living shite out of one another…

And another thing, ref, the game is 70 minutes long and there was 4 minutes of stoppage time; therefore the game ends at 74 minutes, not 73! A minute can be a lifetime on that pitch, especially when Kerry are a goal behind and have possession right in front of the Tyrone goal!

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