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Back on the range…

Dipping the toe back into the water...

The last match…

Sighter shotThe last match I'll be shooting for a few months. Started well, finished well. Not a bad result :)

UCD August Airgun Open 2011

UCD August Airgun Open 2011UCD August Airgun Open 2011. Things just refuse to settle down, but Ashling and Paul had fantastic results and WTSC is going from strength to strength...

UCD July Airgun Open 2011

UCD July Open 2011Not the greatest match ever, and a heck of a disappointment after breaking the 570 in training.


Shot seven. That'll do...Diagnosing the incredibly obvious problem from the UCD Open and improving as a result...

Peashooters: UCD Summer Air Open 2011

Peas And PotatoesThe peashooters and spudguns list for the UCD Summer Airgun Open 2011

UCD Open 12.6.11

Megalink target

A humiliating disaster of a match :(

A good solid evening’s training

RIKA-captured points of impactA good day's training interrupted by various hardware glitches, WTF and D'Oh moments.

Also, planning for next weekend's match in UCD

Peashooters: NTSA National Air Rifle Championships 2011

Peas And Potatoes The Peashooters and Spudguns lists from the NTSA Airgun National Championships 2011.

NTSA National Air Rifle Championships 2011

Air Rifle Nationals 2011 overall shot groupThe Irish National Air Rifle Championships 2011 and plans for the future...

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