Irish Olympic target shooting

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It’s finally here…

Walther LG400 Alutec ExpertFrankenRifle's successor has arrived!

Ooooo… new wireless SCATT sensor…

New SCATT wireless sensor for the SCATT trainer. Sweet...Scatt WS-1 sensor

Changwon, 2013 – the first ISSF Rifle/Pistol World Cup with the new Finals format

The new ISSF Finals format - we're not giving the gold medal to the best shooter on the day anymore :(

Centra Duplex

All we need now is a kitchen sink...

The Centra Duplex - a quick review

Playmobil finals hall

Definitely one of the better PR moves in shooting in a while. Plus, fun to muck about with :D5202 Playmobil Target Shooter

New pellets

Qiang Yuan 200-pellet traysBatch testing the Qiang Yuan pellets with the help of

Intershoot 2012 Day Three

The last day in Intershoot 2012Shooting in Intershoot, last day

Intershoot 2012 Day Two

DontThinkAboutTheScoreDontThinkAboutTheScoreDontThinkAboutTheScore...Second day of shooting in Intershoot 2012 -snow, sand, a new personal best and a medal...

Intershoot 2012 Day One

Shooting in Intershoot, Day one...Shooting in Intershoot on Day 1

Intershoot 2012

Intershoot Logo

Intershoot’s sort of a special match from the Irish point of view. It’s traditionally been where most Irish shooters who go to the international circuit … Read the rest

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