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UCESSA 10m Air Pistol Postal 2010 – Round 8

Hurt my hand this morning, but when I got past that, there were some good moments in this round. The overall score was down though. Still. Card 4. *heheheheh* 8-)

Some days, you eat bear. Some days, bear eat you.

Ordinary nights training, with a highlight or two and a problem properly identified.

UCESSA Winter Pistol Postal League 2010/11 extension due to weather

Good news for UCESSA pistol league shooters who've not been able to get within a sideways bump into the ditch of their ranges thanks to the weather!

UCESSA 10m Air Pistol Postal 2010

UCESSA Round 1 Card 4UCESSA 10m Air Pistol Postal competition 2010 - Round 1

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