Irish Olympic target shooting

Tired and wobbling, but still training…

Was exhausted on Friday and generally at a low ebb. Didn’t get to eat properly before training either. And it showed. Wobbling all over the place, huge amounts of body sway.

Training 18.03.11 Group 1

Training 18.03.11 Group1

Training 18.03.11 Group 2

Training 18.03.11 Group 2

Training 18.03.11 Group 3

Training 18.03.11 Group 3

So I did my best to ignore where the shots were landing and focus instead on learning the new shot routine and on small points regarding the inner position, weight distribution and so forth. It wasn’t a wholly wasted day, but definitely not a high point.

Here’s the new shot routine, roughly (with huge amounts of body sway šŸ™ ):

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