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Monthly Archives: March 2011

MEC Silence

MEC SilenceMy new MEC Silence earplugs.

Squared feet and unsquared cheekpiece

Unsquared cornerMore tweaks and changes...


Scorecard, UCD Open II 27/3/11A total and utter disaster of a match, but with a silver lining.

Peashooters: UCD Open II

Peas And Potatoes The Peashooters and Spudguns lists from the UCD Open.

A more solid nights training

Training 23.03.11A more solid night's work this. Still some looseness in the postiion, still things to work on, but what I have done seems to be coming together well.

ISSF makes it into Youtube’s Top Three

ISSF's Youtube channel just became one of Youtubes top three channels worldwide. This proves a long-known point: Shooting, in terms of how many active participants there are in it, is one of the world's largest and most successful sports, bar none. It is also great news for those of us at the lower end of things or even those in other shooting sports, because this drives up visibility and that drives up public opinion and that dictates how laws get formed.

Tired and wobbling, but still training…

Not a fantastic training day :(

MEC Puck

MEC PuckSomeone has a new toy and I'm jealous :D

Tweaking towards the middle…

New Buttplate SetupA good night's training, some tweaking of the position, some buttplate surgery, and the most annoying flier I've ever shot in my entire life.

Eye test time!

Retinal imagesEye test time again, and an interesting development...

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