Okay, so going back to the gym for the first time in several years wasn’t going to be fun, but I wasn’t quite expecting to find it so difficult to walk after the elliptical trainer! Still, got to the range and got back into the jacket (staying with the whole train-without-shooting-trousers idea) and started to train. And immediately noticed the difference with the hold wobble now quite pronounced and settling taking a lot longer. I think my shooting will be getting worse before it gets better.

First shot was off a bit, but still okay:

30.9.10 Target 1

But every shot after that just got harder and harder. Matt turned up and we noticed that my cheekpiece was set too low, which was causing me to drop my head down and then lift it up slightly to get a sight picture; not enough for me to notice but enough to be spotted. This is why coaches are so useful. What would have been a pain to figure out, becomes obvious and easy to address. Raise cheekpiece, problem goes away.

30.9.10 Target 2

30.9.10 Target 3

I said that problem went away, not that every problem went away 😀

Still, for a day when I was having trouble walking and was just getting back into the gym, getting daylight through a stack of cards isn’t too bad:

30.9.10 Target stack

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