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So going through the to-do list from the DURC open, task number one was the cheekpiece. Took it home last night, moved it about a bit, then went to the range with it this eve… Read the rest

DURC 10m Open 2009

Well, sod.

That about sums up the match. Not too much went right today, from start to finish. Woke up a half-hour late, skipped breakfast, got to DURC to pick up my rifle an… Read the rest

Kuortane’09 – notes for next time

A collection of notes for the next time, taken as I went through the week. If someone else is going next year, this might be useful.

  • Don’t lose your mobile phone
  • Don
Read the rest

Kuortane'09 – homecoming

Final day in Finland, and for the first time, I slept badly and so slept in, only waking at 1130, half an hour to checkout and an hour after breakfast closed up. Sod. Got up, … Read the rest

Kuortane '09, departure day

The return to dublin was a solo run (Daniel’s staying for an extra week of training, the lucky git). Up at 0750, showered, dressed, final bit of packing (toothbru… Read the rest

Kuortane'09, day four

Day four, and feeling better than ever when I woke up. Either the plunge pool and steam room last night did wonders, or I’ve finally acclimatise to Finnish time, j… Read the rest

Kuortane'09, day three

Day three started better than day two in terms of aches and pains. No panadol needed for ‘muscular aches/pain’ this morning, and no headache from dehydra… Read the rest

Kuortane'09, day two

A better day today by far. Up again at eight, breakfast again (and little in the way of polite restraint here, it was shoveling in the protein and carbs with dedication) a… Read the rest

Kuortane, day one…

Travel from Helsinki to Kuortane was calm and peaceful by comparison to the flight to Helsinki. A nice fast train ride (~160kmh) north to Seinajoki (the tango capital o… Read the rest

Getting there is half the stress…

Kuortane’09, getting there…

So the day starts early, at around 0330. Alarm goes off after about two or three hours of sleep, and it’s up and shower a… Read the rest

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