Irish Olympic target shooting


Next person who says shooting is boring is being forced to watch coverage of the finals from this year. Between an Emmons making the news for all the right reasons at the beginning and an Emmons making the news for all the wrong reasons at the end; Bindhra taking India’s first ever individual Gold medal despite someone fiddling his sights before the finals; the disgrace of the first Olympic shooter being stripped of two medals for doping (miserable cheater); the heartbreak of watching Burnett come in so far beneath his current form; the Olympic spirit being demonstrated by the Russian and Georgian women embracing on the air pistol podium; and Du’s fall from grace in 10m Air Rifle and redemption in 50m 3P – how can anyone say it’s a boring sport?

Ah yes, the lack of bikinis. Right so, in that case the next person to complain that shooting is boring gets forced to watch the Irish 50m Nationals with all the competitors forced to wear speedos. If that won’t stop their complaining, nothing will…

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