Irish Olympic target shooting

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Snappy disaster.

Was moving the rifles from the safe at home to the safe in DURC so that I could train there during lunchtime. As I’m walking, the strap on the Anschutz rucksack bag u… Read the rest

Prime Time

Some news coverage is more infuriating than others. For anyone who didn’t see the Prime Time hatchet job on the shooting community, these letters ought to give y… Read the rest

Hobby versus Sport

Been pondering that distinction for a fair while now. Up to now, you see, I’ve not been much of a plinker. I did plink once, back before I got drafted/dragged onto t… Read the rest

Firearms Consultation Panel conference

Well, that’s the conference over. A lot of further detail on what happened is up on this thread on, so I won’t duplicate it here, save this:


Read the rest

Firearms Consultation Panel conference

One of the odd things about target shooting administration in Ireland is that there aren’t many people in it. Most of the shooters want to, well, shoot. Meaning t… Read the rest

Post-Kuortane disaster recovery

So I got back from Kuortane with a great deal of motivation and a notebook full of technical and training ideas, and a plan to dive back into the training and go for the Brit… Read the rest

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