Irish Olympic target shooting

Colours Squadding change

Minor changes to the squadding for the Colours match.

Yes, yes, I know, it’s stupid to be announcing this kind of thing this close to the match, let alone changing it. It’s not like I’m happy with it…


Detail FP Rifle Jacket Trousers Boots Shooter
1 (1000) 1 S B1 L3 Brown/Tan Large Alan Kavanagh

2 V I/P L2 none Mike Dunne

3 R 24 Harlequin Black/Gray Dominique Lyczak




2 (1200) 1 Baby 24 L1 Brown/Tan Small Catherine McGinty

2 S B1 L3 Black/Gray Emma Laing

3 V P L2 Brown Large Tarlach Doorley




3 (1400) 1 V 22 Harlequin none Richie Walsh

2 Q Y none none Nicholas Longworth

3 Baby 17 none Brown/Tan Small Orlagh Collison

4 S B1 L3 Black/Gray Laura Fogarty

5 R 18 none none Bernard Ward

6 603
Green/Blue Brown Large Iain Nash

4 (1600) 1 Baby M L2 Black/Gray Eleanor Mollett

2 Q 26 Green/Blue none David Donoghue

3 V B1 L3 Brown/Tan Large Cian Clarke

4 T Y none none Andrew Chatalov

5 S M L1 none Catriona Lawlor


5 (1800) 1 Baby 10 none none Laura Dunne

2 V P L3 Brown Large Paul McGrath

3 603 I Green/Blue none Tommy McQuaid

4 Q B1 L1 none Ben Lawlor

5 S 20 none Brown/Tan Large James Farrell

6 UCD (Emma Lyons)

6 (2000) 1 V I Harlequin none Sean Daly

2 Q B1 Green/Blue Brown Large Seamus Feeney

3 R 26 L1 Brown Large Maarten van Hooij

4 S P L3 none Ross Cunningham



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