NTSA Committee Meeting #6

Now there was a meeting I thought we made real progress at. We sorted out the international matches for the remainder of the year. Matches other than the europeans or Munich or the GB Jr Intl, we’re not sending a team to, so we can concentrate our resources on the ones remaining. Next meeting, we sort out the international matches for 2008, which lets us get a head-start on organising them, and we might take a stab at 2009 while we’re at it.

We also agreed I’d start a sub-group to take on the consultation process so we can get work done on that faster than if we had to arrange logistics for the whole committee. With three or four people, we could meet once a week or more and thrash our way through the submissions and put together proposals for the full committee with a decent amount of speed, far faster than before.

It’s a gratifying feeling, when stuff starts moving like that!

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