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Thursday details

One of the new things we’re trying to encourage clubs to do this year to get more college students to take part in competitions is to run a detail on Thursday evenin… Read the rest

UCD Open

First time picking up any firearm and shooting with it in several weeks – which is both good, because that’s the fun part of the sport, and bad, because dear … Read the rest

It's finally here…

Arrived this weekend:

ISSF Judges Licence card, Front

ISSF Judges Licence card, Back

So much trouble went into sorting out the paperwork for this one. I’m Irish and in the NSRA and thus the GBTSF; so after I did the course, the G… Read the rest

DURC Squad kicks off again

The DURC squad for next year’s Colours match started training last night. Last year, we had 12 shooters show up for the first night of training, and we were a littl… Read the rest

Long time, no time

Gosh, who’d have thought a job, a social life, helping run a club, helping run the NTSA and coding up a side project would take any time at all? Yeesh.

Anyways, the s… Read the rest

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