New pistol PB

Shot a match in WTSC this evening for the WAA postal. I wasn’t able to get a file to file open the rearsight notch, so I replaced the post with the narrowest one that came with the pistol. Not as good, but better than before. Set a new personal best with the setup. I’d been hoping for an improvement from 450 to 480 and to keep all the shots on the black. Didn’t succeed in the latter, there were two shots in the white, but I went far past my target score and put in the 500, which was nice. Not bad for the second match and about the third time shooting the pistol on a range!

I don’t expect the scores to go flying up now or anything, I have to say. I do want to file out that rearsight notch and go back to the larger foresight post, and I think I’ll have to round out the grip at some point, but I’m deliberately trying to put these things off so as to not fall into the “new toy” mindset and wind up tweaking a dozen different things, when the problem is in my actual technique instead of the pistol!

Still though. It’s fun to see the score going up 🙂

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