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Monthly Archives: May 2006

WAA Postal Round 2

Shot the second round of this year’s postal match today. 564, with a seven on the second shot and a few eights in there as well. Hmmm. It feels like I’m cruisi… Read the rest

WTSC 50m Open, FRC

Went to our second smallbore shoot this weekend. My plan was to shoot on the Saturday and then range officer for the Sunday. The best laid plans, however…

The Satu… Read the rest


Went to our AGM tonight. A quieter affair than last year, I think everyone’s still a bit shattered after Bisley, even now. We have a full committee again however, … Read the rest

Practise day…

Back out to WTSC on Sunday to do some training. Had planned on seeing if I could replicate the lower rifle position I’d taken by accident during the last competiti… Read the rest

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