Irish Olympic target shooting

It's all about size…

…foresight size, that is. Decided to see what varying the size of the foresight would do to my group size. Matt moved me from a 4.5mm to a 4.4mm a few weeks back, so I thought I’d try a larger and a smaller size. So warmed up and shot two 20-shot matches with a 5.0mm and a 4.0mm foresight, then a ten-shot string with a 4.5mm triangular foresight for curiosity’s sake. The scores from the 4.0mm were better (96,96 with at least 2 points dropped due to sights not being clicked two clicks left) than the 5.0mm (98,91), but the 5.0mm will probably be better for training as it makes you work a lot harder on the hold (while the 4.0mm makes you work much harder on sight picture).
Must talk to Matt on this. Last real training day tomorrow before Bisley!

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