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Monthly Archives: October 2005

Defeat of the 'flu? And air pistols.

Wow. So up and about by Monday, eh? Not the best prediction, thanks Doc. It’s now Thursday evening, and today’s the first time since last Friday that I coul… Read the rest

Return of the 'flu

‘cept it isn’t ‘flu. It’s tonsilitis. Thought it might be, given the amusing red-and-yellow colour of my tonsils and their somewhat large … Read the rest

DURC Coaching

So, two RO duty stints done this week for DURC (first on the rota, second to cover an RO who got a last-minute glitch in his schedule). Frankly, I’m quite happy R… Read the rest


Okay, brief absence from the web there as was undergoing a server upgrade. Looks to be stable again now though…… Read the rest


So up far too early on a Sunday morning and an hour’s drive to Wilkinstown for the AGM. Bit of a wake-up adrenaline jolt when I opened the wrong door in the hall and wa… Read the rest

'Flu continued…

Been down with what feels like a low-grade dose of the ‘flu for the last week. Doped up on Lemsip and those Lemsip flu relief things in order to get to work, but I feel … Read the rest

RO Meeting

Last night was the RO meeting in DURC. I didn’t realise how much of a recovery year we’re looking at – with only 201 people on the books so far, we̵… Read the rest

'Flu & Safety Briefings

Bugger. Hate ‘flu. Hate it I tell’s ye…

Was at the DURC Safety Briefing last night, and the post-briefing party. The Briefing is basicly a quick tal… Read the rest

The rebuild continues…

Back out to Wilkinstown yesterday at 1500 to continue the rebuild. Several photos taken of the new position for training (but not on my digital camera, which has manage… Read the rest

Finding time

Part of the whole challange of olympic shooting is that you’re going up against people in International competition who are residential athletes; which is to s… Read the rest

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