New Car

New Car
New Car 2

It’s kindof had the fun taken out of it with Paddy passing on the day I picked it up from the dealership, but there’s still a little muted “yay!” for the new car. I like Citroens in general, they’re usually fairly solid beneath the trim and almost always are quirky and interesting, often in subtle ways. This one seems like a worthy replacement for the Citroen ZX I started in (or as DURC christened it in its later, less-well-maintained years, the Citroen Valdez), and it’s certainly a more interesting car than the Golf. Plus, most importantly, the rifles fit in the boot without any wiggling or whatever 🙂

Drove it out to Wilkinstown last night for training (more later on that) and after 2 hours and 40 minutes in traffic that should only have lasted an hour, I can say it’s quite comfortable for long rides as well. Speed limiter to avoid breaking the speed limit and getting points; cruise control for those long N3/M50/N11 trips to Wilkinstown; 38mpg or thereabouts (may need to trade up to a hybrid like the Prius, in a few years when they start asking for loan applications for petrol, but for now 38mpg is acceptable); comfy and more airbags than wheels. ‘Twill do.

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