Squad Training

Second day of squad training. Today, air rifle in UCDRC.

Was extremely tired still from yesterday. And a minor car problem with lots of oil, smoke and a blown head gasket didn’t help.

Had Barry adjust the buttons on my jacket, but we could only move them a few millimetres because of the rule regarding the distance from the edge of the jacket to the buttons. We could get away with a lot more adjustment if the edge of the jacket could be cut back, but that’s a rather specialised tailoring job.

Couldn’t get the UCD RIKA trainer to calibrate properly for my rifle, which meant that I couldn’t get a decent trace on my hold, but since the pellets wouldn’t stay inside the nine ring (or even the eight ring towards the end), I think it’s fair to say it was poor today.

Nationals are next weekend. At this rate, I’ll be aiming to beat 540. And having to work at it. I hate coming back to shooting after a long break!

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