So I’m guessing this is a bad head cold. Which probably means I won’t shoot this weekend for the WAIDAM open, though I’m still planning on going (and have to since I’m driving the DURC guys’n’gals there).

I know there’s a missing entry on the UCD open below, when the PC at home went, I had to replace it temporarily with my linux machine and I haven’t sorted out the drivers for the scanner yet to scan in the diary entries for that competition. It went well though, I scored a 555 (which it seems was my competition PB, which kinda shocks me – I thought it was in the ’60s, but that seems to have been a training PB). SO I met the goal I’d set myself.

So for the moment, it doesn’t look like I’ll be training or shooting for a while.
No worries, I’ve got to play with my pistol grip on my rifle because it needs to be built up under my palm as my hands are a shade too big for the grip. I’ve done this already with card and tape, but I may as well do it permanently now, using plastic wood.

And I’m going to try to get a Squad Training blog set up on durc for the Squad members and coaches for this year. All the little trivia that I can do, since I’m too under the weather to do much else.

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