Okay, minor glitch. A lightning strike near my house has fried my phone line and my net access is shot for the time being. So no posts here for a few days.

However, on the upside, I put in a 555 at UCD’s open today, so I’m still on track. Full report later, I’ve got to scan various things in for that, and the scanner’s at home – hence a need for a net connection 🙁

UCD Air Rifle Competition

A back-dated entry, since phone lines and computers don’t react well to lightning strikes!

This turned out to be my highest competition score so far, which rather surprised me for two reasons :
1) I’ve only been back to target shooting for a short while and I haven’t even been training at all.
2) If I can get back to my competition PB this fast, I’m not as good as I thought I was!

Next up is the DURC Air Rifle Open on the 20th, 22nd and 23rd. Hopefully I can break 555 there. But PhD work is preventing me from training at the moment, so it’s iffy.

WTSC Open 1

Shot a 545. Exceeded target by 5 points. Quite pleased with that, though the score is nowhere near what I would have been happy with at one point obviously.

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Targets are here

There were specific problems. I need to work on both my shot plan, which I found hard to stick to – elbow placement problems and position assumption problems kept cropping up – and with my match plan, which was essentially nonexistant. I nearly ran out of time – the final shot came with 15 seconds to spare. I’ve had this problem before, and I need to work on shot rythym to correct it. I was happy with aiming and follow-through, for the most part. Mental focus was better than I had expected it to be, but that might just have been because the match was so poorly attended.

Horizontal hold went to pieces on series 3. I broke position and took a sit-down during that series, on shot 23. But that wouldn’t account for the enormity of the hold problem. Obviously, this means further work is needed there. Perhaps some SCATT training would help.

And series 5 was exceptionally annoying – for some reason I had a neat group in the same spot off to the right in the 8 ring. I think it may have had something to do with the blinder I was using – I’d just stuck a shot card in my headband to block the eye and the hole from the shot was letting in light. But I don’t know if that was the real cause. I need to do more training in shooting trousers, that’s the main outcome I think.

This drops me from Class A to Class B for the next two shoots, unfortunately, but that can’t be helped.


Well the open’s tomorrow. Training has not gone the way I wanted it to, I’ve spent the week at home working on the thesis and training has consisted of standing in position for muscle work and focussing on trigger control.

However, I’ve also gotten the schiessportschule dialoges finally, and they have some exceptionally useful pieces of information. It’ll take a while to fully assimilate it all though. So for tomorrow, it’s just focussing on the basics.

The plan is to be at the range for 0800, packed and gone by 0830 and at WTSC by 1000 for the 1100 detail.


The first Wilkinstown Air Rifle Open of the year has been moved back by a week to next weekend. This is the first on my list of competitions to attend this year, and I’m hoping to break 540 at it, which would be a decent score after a year out from the game.

I’ll be driving for DURC, obviously, so it’s a bit of a long haul, but them’s the breaks. Must remember to watch eating on the day and not forget to do so. The plan is to get there with time to spare for the first detail, get the others who are shooting on the first detail set up and then to take that time to rest, eat and relax before shooting on the second detail.

I am worried that losing the last week from training is going to affect my chances though. Going to have to train this weekend for certain, and try to get at least an hour in every day next week except perhaps for Saturday. I don’t think DURC is going on the Saturday, so that’s the rest and relax day prior to the competition.

Hassles and delays

Not many entries in here at the moment, because this blog was only moved over from my own PC (where I was testing it) a short time ago. And of course, the moment I get that done, I have to go back to thesis writing, and then other things jump at you, with the end result that I haven’t gotten to the gym or the range since last saturday.

Stretching and balance exercises have proven easy enough to do as I go (how hard is it to stand on one foot while you cook, after all?), but actual range time is now fast becoming a precious commodity, both because I don’t have lots of time to get away from the thesis, and because DURC is now open for shooting again and we have 300+ members to run through the two free rifle or three air rifle firing points…

Plus, I can’t dump a whole night every week to RO duty for at least the next month, so I do feel guilty about sneaking in an hour at lunch in DURC. Still though, after ten years, I guess I’ve earned some leeway.

Right, now to transfer the scanned-in training reports from my PC and make up the next few entries…