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Okay, minor glitch. A lightning strike near my house has fried my phone line and my net access is shot for the time being. So no posts here for a few days.

However, on the ups… Read the rest

UCD Air Rifle Competition

A back-dated entry, since phone lines and computers don’t react well to lightning strikes!

This turned out to be my highest competition score so far, which rath… Read the rest

WTSC Open 1

Shot a 545. Exceeded target by 5 points. Quite pleased with that, though the score is nowhere near what I would have been happy with at one point obviously.

Diary Templat… Read the rest


Well the open’s tomorrow. Training has not gone the way I wanted it to, I’ve spent the week at home working on the thesis and training has consisted of stand… Read the rest


The first Wilkinstown Air Rifle Open of the year has been moved back by a week to next weekend. This is the first on my list of competitions to attend this year, and I’… Read the rest

Hassles and delays

Not many entries in here at the moment, because this blog was only moved over from my own PC (where I was testing it) a short time ago. And of course, the moment I get that don… Read the rest

Past Training Sessions

Previous Training Sessions, from before this blog was started…

September 17:

September 20:

September 27:

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Diary Templates

The templates I use in my real-world training diary. Or at least, the ones I have so far.

First Entry

Well, following some chats with Neil Stirton and a bright idea, welcome to my Training Blog. Which is, as far as I can tell, the first training blog for a target shooter.

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