UCESSA 10m Air Pistol Postal 2010 – Round 8

Hurt my hand this morning, but when I got past that, there were some good moments in this round. The overall score was down though. Still. Card 4. *heheheheh* 😎


Composite group, Round 8
Composite group, Round 8



Round 8

43 + 37 + 43 + 45 +41 + 42 = 251

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Some days, you eat bear. Some days, bear eat you.

Wasn’t expecting great results from tonight; I planned to shoot round eight of the UCESSA air pistol match and then do some position work without kit (I figured, if I can do the left forearm right without kit, it’s definitely the jacket that’s causing the problem.

Of course, the morning before shooting a pistol match, I reach into my gym locker with my right hand and nearly tear off the thumbnail on the metal of the locker doorframe. Nice one. Spent most of the pistol match trying to find a thumb position that didn’t hurt. But maybe distraction works:


See, some days you eat the bear, and some days you don’t watch the sights and focus enough and the bear eats you while laughing at your six…

The position work was frustratingly good. I tried with my rifle, and every club rifle in the rack, from very old and heavy Walthers to FWB603s to FWBP700 Juniors. Every single time, the left elbow found the top of the left hip in the same place without thought and the left forearm was perfectly vertical. So I really am fighting that jacket badly, even after the surgery.

Thing is, until the gut’s gone, there’s little point in a new jacket – so everything is just waiting around for the gym to sort out the weight problem. Harumph.

UCESSA Winter Pistol Postal League 2010/11 extension due to weather

Good news for UCESSA pistol league shooters who’ve not been able to get within a sideways bump into the ditch of their ranges thanks to the weather:

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and the Members of your Club

Ulster Counties Winter Pistol Postal Leagues

Given the amount of snow that fell last month and that is now covering the UK it has meant that some people have been unable to get to their club to shoot their cards. We have therefore extended the deadline for scores. We would like you to have sent in Rounds 1, 2, 3 and 4 by the end of January 2011. This will also apply to those shooters from warmer climates.

For those of you who email your results to Des Clyde he is having problems with his internet service provider and therefore email address. Would you please resend your results and send all future results to the following address:

ucessa [ DOT ] leagues [ AT ] gmail [ DOT ] com
obviously replacing [ DOT ] with a . and [ AT ] with @

Best wishes for the holiday season and good shooting

UCESSA Secretary

UCESSA 10m Air Pistol Postal 2010

I entered this year’s UCESSA air pistol postal earlier this year because I knew I probably wouldn’t get to shoot too many shoulder-to-shoulder air pistol matches for a while. The first two rounds are due in this month, so last night I shot the first round before rifle training:

UCESSA Round 1 Card 1

UCESSA Round 1 Card 2

UCESSA Round 1 Card 3

UCESSA Round 1 Card 4

UCESSA Round 1 Card 5

UCESSA Round 1 Card 6

So that’s 87 + 84 + 80 = 251/300. Not too horrible, and about where I’ve been in the past.

Of course, you have to have some way to spot cheating, so for this match, you stick stickers on the back of the cards before shooting (mind you, the glue’s not so good, so several of mine – 4/6 – were shot off and had to be stuck back on afterwards 🙁 ):

UCESSA Round 1 Card 1 (Back)

More on this match as it goes on…