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Intershoot 2012 Day Three

The last day in Intershoot 2012Shooting in Intershoot, last day

Which way’s up again?

Adjusting the MEC Free rearsight during training and getting confused about which knob turned what way moves the point of impact.MEC Free Rearsight Adjustment Reference Diagram

Trigger work

Match 54 TriggerChange one major thing, shoot a hundred shots to see if it's worth shooting the next nine hundred to properly test it...

Practice, practice, practice…

Test shot, end of the nightJust a practice day...

Painting the ten…


Approach is okay, hold is okay,triggering is so-so but release is awful.

Endurance, a new blinder, and trigger changes

New trigger setupAn evening spent building up endurance on the range, testing a new blinder and tweaking the trigger setup.

A good solid evening’s training

RIKA-captured points of impactA good day's training interrupted by various hardware glitches, WTF and D'Oh moments.

Also, planning for next weekend's match in UCD

Rika testing

RIKA Setup

Using a RIKA sensor to evaluate how my shooting is progressing...

Vickers Jubilee

Perfect shot with a Vickers BSA Martini Jubilee at 25yds indoorsWhy a rifle made in 1939 and being sold for less than €60 today is a better choice for a beginner than any of the currently made match rifles costing thousands of euro.

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