Irish Olympic target shooting

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Ooooo… new wireless SCATT sensor…

New SCATT wireless sensor for the SCATT trainer. Sweet...Scatt WS-1 sensor

Old plan, New plan

Reworking the mid-to-long-term plan for the coming year or so...

New pellets

Qiang Yuan 200-pellet traysBatch testing the Qiang Yuan pellets with the help of

Intershoot 2012 Day Three

The last day in Intershoot 2012Shooting in Intershoot, last day

Checking on progress with the RIKA

RIKA Trace x-y graphMeasuring my baseline performance with the RIKA to compare against earlier performance levels.

MQS 2 – this time it’s not a fluke

Composite Group

UCD August Airgun Open 2011

UCD August Airgun Open 2011UCD August Airgun Open 2011. Things just refuse to settle down, but Ashling and Paul had fantastic results and WTSC is going from strength to strength...

Practice match

String 6 closeup561 in a practice match before the UCD Air Open, and a problem with the MEC Free rearsight rail clamp.


Last six training shotsLosing focus from process to result...

Painting the ten…


Approach is okay, hold is okay,triggering is so-so but release is awful.

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