Irish Olympic target shooting

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A good solid evening’s training

RIKA-captured points of impactA good day's training interrupted by various hardware glitches, WTF and D'Oh moments.

Also, planning for next weekend's match in UCD

More blinder work

Blinder, fully obscuredNew blinder design following feedback from fellow ISSF judges, and more RIKA dry-firing.

…yup, that was a mistake. D’Oh…

Arrived at the range, stretched (need to buy a yoga mat for this, you wouldn’t believe how dusty the floor of a rifle range can get…) and warmed up, and start… Read the rest

I may have made a mistake… this.....or a major improvement. I don't know yet, and probably won't know for a week or so. That's the nature of changing your rifle setup...

Even bad days have some use I guess…

Rika X-Y analysis, 24.05.11, compositeTuesday was not a great day for my shooting.

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