Irish Olympic target shooting

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Intershoot 2012 Day Three

The last day in Intershoot 2012Shooting in Intershoot, last day

Intershoot 2012 Day Two

DontThinkAboutTheScoreDontThinkAboutTheScoreDontThinkAboutTheScore...Second day of shooting in Intershoot 2012 -snow, sand, a new personal best and a medal...

Intershoot 2012 Day One

Shooting in Intershoot, Day one...Shooting in Intershoot on Day 1

RIAC 2011 Day Three

Day three and the high point of the entire trip...*That* moment

RIAC 2011 Day Two

RIAC 2011, Day Two...RIAC 2011, Day Two

RIAC 2011 Day One

Day 1 Day one of RIAC 2011, equaled my domestic competition PB.

MQS 2 – this time it’s not a fluke

Composite Group

UCD August Airgun Open 2011

UCD August Airgun Open 2011UCD August Airgun Open 2011. Things just refuse to settle down, but Ashling and Paul had fantastic results and WTSC is going from strength to strength...

UCD July Airgun Open 2011

UCD July Open 2011Not the greatest match ever, and a heck of a disappointment after breaking the 570 in training.


MQS!It took 10 years & the last push has taken 8 months of physical, mental and technical work, but I finally hit the MQS score of 570 tonight.

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