Lousy follow-through

Another day, another three hours on the range training ­čÖé

Today started off warming up as usual, then on to dry-firing. Same idea as yesterday – dryfire and then break position when the position felt right, walk about a bit, then come back and setup again and repeat. Only used the one firing point today though because it’s Friday and usually that means it’ll be myself and Paul and Ashling and Ray and Matt training away (Ray’s en route to the World Cup in Ft.Benning at the moment though so no Ray today – good luck if you’re reading this Ray!). After an hour or so of this, I took a break for a bit, then went back at it, this time firing two shots after I was happy with the position. I found I was grouping in the same spot as yesterday, which was odd – I thought the sights would have been in on the electronics. I must have adjusted them at some point for some reason. Anyway, I dialled them back into the ten ring and went on to shoot ten shots (in two-shot groups, breaking after each and rebuilding the position):

String 1


It wasn’t a bad result, with the jacket the way it is now I’ll take anything over a 95 as a good result. However, I was rushing the follow-through (or as Matt put it, “Followthrough’s shite. The rest is good.” Matt’s nobel prize for literature is expected any year now).

So I shot a ten-shot string in one go, watching the followthrough:

String 2


Again, not a horrible score, and the sideways wobble could be down to tiredness (at this point I had nearly three hours shooting put in and today was my first day back in the gym after twanging my hamstring). But watching the recoil during the followthrough showed that immediately after the shot, there was an oscillation from left to right, usually random in direction and magnitude, if fairly small (I was shooting with a 3.9 foresight and the aiming mark never left the ring during the oscillation). Matt thinks I’m still holding the rifle on target. So that’s the thing to work on next week. I have to stop holding on target – the rifle has to be sitting there pointed at the target, not being held on target by muscle (because muscle twitches and that’d give you random fliers).

Still though, I’m pleased with my progress so far. Next match is in four weeks – I might be able to hit the MQS (570) by then if all goes well, though the jacket really is a limiting factor there. Over 20 shots, it’s easily doable to hit that standard (the two strings above are better than┬áthat standard), but over 60 shots, fatigue sets in without the jacket, which is a worry. We shall see…

Being small and petty for a moment…

Every morning I go to the gym, I pass this painted on the wall as I leave the National Aquatic Center:

Inspirational message fail

There are several on the wall around the lobby, but that one keeps getting under my fingernails.

Yes, there’s a third thing. No, it’s not unknown. It’s called the polar covalent bond, it was discovered several years before D.H.L. wrote that poem in 1929 and it’s the basis for all known life in the universe. If it didn’t exist, no living creature could exist; it’s why water freezes to a solid that floats, it’s why water is a universal solvent, it’s why we can have cells and life and conscious thought,┬á it’s a consequence of three of the fundamental forces of the universe acting in concert at the quantum mechanical level to give us a macroscopic effect we cannot exist without, and somehow a lowly, half-evolved not-quite-so-hairy-anymore ape with bad knees and a tiny lifespan managed to figure out this enormous fundamental thing using only our limited minds.

But apparently, “nobody knows what that is” makes for better poetry.

I mean, I’m no poet laureate (seeing as how I have a real job), but I would have thought myself that ignoring the incredibly numinous reality in order to pick a line that doesn’t even rhyme wasn’t really poetry, so much as phoning it in.

Anyway. Just had to vent a little. All done, nothing to see here, move along….

Gym progress

Light week at the gym this week, only three days instead of last week’s four and the ideal five. Still, ramped up the time on the elliptical and saw the average heartrate fall – though there was a strange spike to 200 in my heartrate on one day, which I’m not sure isn’t some wierd glitch in the heartrate monitor…

Heartrate report for 28/2/11-6/3/11
Heartrate report for 28/2/11-6/3/11
Calories burnt report for 28/2/11-6/3/11
Calories burnt report for 28/2/11-6/3/11
Calories burnt report for the last month
Calories burnt report for the last month