258.6. Been bouncing up and down a bit, that number. Still, overall trend is downwards.

Thing is, there’s a plan here. The new shooting jacket has to be broken in before late November, which means latest delivery is the end of October. I had thought that the time from measurement and ordering to delivery would be like Kurt Thune’s three months, but I’m told by Ryan Mills that his took three to four weeks only, so if I leave six to seven weeks, that means that measurement and ordering has to happen in late August/early September. The original goal was 220lb. I don’t think I’ll make it there in that timeframe at this current rate of weight loss, and past experience has said that something crazy like Atkins would get me there easily,but the rebound weight gain would take me right past where I started.

So basicly, it’s keep going until the start of August and reevaluate then.

Also, back in the gym today. Hamstring is still not 100%, but at least some of the stretches were doable. The elliptical was a test today though – not going in regularly is letting my cardio fall off again. Just have to start going back more regularly, that’s all. Still managed 35min @level 10 on the machine though (even if the heartrate hit 184 in the last few minutes). And started on the swiss ball back exercises again. Have to start working those back into the gym routine, and I’m told I need to add weights as well, though how I’m to find the time is usually not mentioned (seriously folks, I think IBM will notice if I never get into work before 1300h…).