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RIAC 2011 Notes for next time

A collection of notes for the next time, taken as I went through the week. If someone else is going next year, this might be useful.

  • A grab-bag of some sort to carry books/p
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RIAC 2011 Day Three

Day three and the high point of the entire trip...*That* moment

RIAC 2011 Day Two

RIAC 2011, Day Two...RIAC 2011, Day Two

RIAC 2011 Day One

Day 1 Day one of RIAC 2011, equaled my domestic competition PB.

RIAC 2011

RIAC LogoI'm going to RIAC!

Chronograph fun, part one…

Combro CB-625 Mk4 chronograph Testing my air rifle with a chronograph and learning something new.

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