Peashooters: UCD Summer Air Open 2011

Peas And Potatoes

The Peashooters list from the UCD Summer Air Open 2011 is up:

Peashooters (Air Rifle) 

Shooter Club
Ray Kane DFST
Sean Baldwin DFST
Terry Wearen DFST
Aisling Miller DURC
Emily Wallace DURC
Julian Ewers-Peters DURC
Lorcan O’Carroll DURC
Micahel Cullinan DURC
Siobhan Scarlett DURC
Vladimir Untila DURC
Cillian O’Sullivan UCDRC
Joe Thompson UCDRC
John Lancaster UCDRC
Nicolas Nalpas UCDRC
Tian Carey UCDRC
Mark Dennehy WTSC
Paul O’Boyle WTSC
And here’s the Spudgun list :
Spudguns (Air Pistol)
Shooter Club
John Kinsella CIPC

Congratulations all 😀

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