Irish Olympic target shooting

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Which way’s up again?

Adjusting the MEC Free rearsight during training and getting confused about which knob turned what way moves the point of impact.MEC Free Rearsight Adjustment Reference Diagram

Trigger work

Match 54 TriggerChange one major thing, shoot a hundred shots to see if it's worth shooting the next nine hundred to properly test it...

Practice, practice, practice…

Test shot, end of the nightJust a practice day...

New cleaning kit

VFG Pullthrough kitThe VFG pocket cleaning kit.

Painting the ten…


Approach is okay, hold is okay,triggering is so-so but release is awful.


Shot seven. That'll do...Diagnosing the incredibly obvious problem from the UCD Open and improving as a result...

Peashooters: UCD Summer Air Open 2011

Peas And PotatoesThe peashooters and spudguns list for the UCD Summer Airgun Open 2011

UCD Open 12.6.11

Megalink target

A humiliating disaster of a match :(

DIY barrel weight plus proper mental game equals tens!

DIY barrel weightAn evening spent bodging up a barrel weight, improving the approach to the target, and finally finding a solution to a hole in my mental game.

Endurance, a new blinder, and trigger changes

New trigger setupAn evening spent building up endurance on the range, testing a new blinder and tweaking the trigger setup.

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