NTSA Air Rifle Classification List March 2011

The new NTSA air rifle classification list is out. From the NTSA website:

The latest NTSA Air Rifle Classification List is now available, valid from 1st March 2011.

It’s neck and neck between DFST and WTSC at the top of Class A, with Defence Forces’ Ray Kane currently the top shooter in the country.

Class B is dominated by the college clubs, with by UCD’s John Lancaster leading the way and a hatful of both DURC and UCDRC shooters snapping at his heels.

Full list available to read here.

I’m just scraping into Class A at the moment, but I’m improving…

1 (3) Ray Kane DFST 96.6 A
2 (1) Laura Cunningham WTSC 95.0 A
3 (2) Susan Cunningham WTSC 94.5 A
4 (4) Paul O’Boyle WTSC 93.8 A
5 (5) Paula Cunningham WTSC 93.8 A
6 (6) Sean Baldwin DFST 92.8 A
7 (8) Mark Dennehy WTSC 92.3 A
8 (7) John Lancaster UCDRC 91.5 B


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