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Lousy fracking elbow…

Left arm demonstrationMy left elbow is broken. By which I mean, it's not doing its job when I shoot. This is what it should be doing...

London 2012 Test Events announced for Shooting

The ISSF announced the dates for the test events for the London 2012 games.


Irish Blog Awards 2011

Woot! Shortlisted for Best Sports Blog in the Irish Blog Awards!

Thank you judges! :D


Monthly graph on Feb 25Gym training routine and results so far...

Tripods. Don’t buy cheap ones.

Sadly, the camera's lens is a write-off. but it is funny to watch it go...

UCESSA 10m Air Pistol Postal 2010 – Round 8

Hurt my hand this morning, but when I got past that, there were some good moments in this round. The overall score was down though. Still. Card 4. *heheheheh* 8-)

Some days, you eat bear. Some days, bear eat you.

Ordinary nights training, with a highlight or two and a problem properly identified.

Fianna Fail policy on firearms

Fianna Fail's policy on firearms for the 2011 General Election

Pistol shooting basics

An excellent short (12 minutes) introduction to how to shoot Olympic pistol.

Labour policy on firearms continued…

Labour policy on firearms for the 2011 General Election continued. Desperately disappointing stuff to read.

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