Yet more postal shooting…

So two new bits of kit in the post today. First off were the weights for the rifle.

They’re just standard car tyre balancing weights with a self-adhesive backing. Easy to break into known weights, easy to attach. Nice and simple.

So about 250-270 grams worth is going on the rifle. The rest gets to go to the club.

The second thing was a new camera. The old one is fine, but a bit bulky – this is one of the cheap compact models so I can throw it into the bag and take it anywhere without much fuss. Handy for when you’re on the range, want a photo to record a position change or an equipment change or the like. And like everything electronic, it cost a quarter of the older model’s price, it does twice what it used to do and it takes up a third of the room while doing it.

Not bad for about €70 including shipping. Ebay can be a useful place for shooters 😀