Irish Olympic target shooting


An hour on the range this evening in full kit, dry-firing away. It’s been hard to find any time to train this week, work’s a bit mad at the moment so I’m just getting a half-hour here and there. I’m going to have to find more time somewhere, there’s another two qualification matches coming up between now and January for Intershoot.

I did find this evening though, that training in DURC (for me at least) isn’t easy – the roof’s so low that when I try to mount the rifle, instead of the way it was done in Kuortane (raising the rifle up high so that my left elbow blocked my view of the target, then lowering it vertically down), I have to curtail the raise because of the roof. End result, I don’t get a good elbow position (it’s too low) and I collapse my spine trying to make the position work. Bad thing to train for. So I step into the corridor and practice holding there. Somewhat unorthodox, but since there’s no air in the rifle or pellet either, perfectly safe – and now I can train the position I want to train instead of something daft.

Here’s what the shot routine should look like…

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