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Firearms Consultation Panel conference – Range guidelines&standards

As I mentioned the last time, only about 2% of the people in the sport seem to do any admin work, so that same 2% keeps getting called on for stuff like this. In this case, bec… Read the rest


Nominated for Best Sports Blog

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More Glock airgunning…

The meme spreads to extra-manly Glock 603s šŸ˜€

Glock 603

Glock 603

Glock 603Read the rest

Practical joking

Are you an ISSF air pistol shooter?

Are you tired of being belittled by folks who need their pistols to be so loud that shooting without ear protection will damage their h… Read the rest


See, you stay away from the range long enough, you wind up proposing to girls and then one of them says yes…


Meet the long-suffering other half who’s the new … Read the rest

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