Firearms Consultation Panel conference – Range guidelines&standards

As I mentioned the last time, only about 2% of the people in the sport seem to do any admin work, so that same 2% keeps getting called on for stuff like this. In this case, because I’m one of the committee (and so one of the range operators) in WTSC, I’ve been invited to the next FCP conference, whose subject is the upcoming range guidelines and standards.

And, like the last time, I’ll be putting up notes both here and on about the conference (this has already been cleared with the DoJ, they’re perfectly happy with it because spreading information and taking in as many questions and viewpoints is the whole reason for this conference). The agenda isn’t finalised yet, I’ll copy that up here when it is.

Practical joking

Are you an ISSF air pistol shooter?

Are you tired of being belittled by folks who need their pistols to be so loud that shooting without ear protection will damage their hearing permanently with one shot, before they consider them to be a real man’s gun?

Well then this is for you, courtesy of $10 and a sticker seller off ebay 😀

Behold! My brand new Baikal IZH-46M Glock 46M air pistol!

I will admit, holstering is a bit tricky…

But who says you can’t do everything the other Glocks can do?

And one last look, up close and personal:

Ha! Let’s hear how ISSF pistols aren’t black and scary enough now! 😀


See, you stay away from the range long enough, you wind up proposing to girls and then one of them says yes…


Meet the long-suffering other half who’s the new herself-indoors-to-be…