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Monthly Archives: November 2008

New ISSF Rules for 2009

Just went up on the ISSF website here. Some new additions including a whole new section on 5-shot air pistol, including two new competitions, 5-shot air pistol (5 targe… Read the rest

World Class Award for Modern Pentathlon Federation in Ireland

A while ago, the NTSA helped out the MPAI by providing some equipment and some judges for their Europeans. It was a fun day out and it was good to see another large competit… Read the rest

Handguns to go away again?

It’s been a depressing fortnight.

Look, for those who don’t know the backstory, here it is. In Ireland, pistols have never been illegal to own. Ever. Up un… Read the rest

Licenced handguns

Feck’s sake. You’d think that the Garda Commissioner of all people would be better informed as to what he can and can’t do with his Superintendents… Read the rest

Inner Tens

Looks like the new ISSF rules for 2009 will contain a few doozies. Centrefire shooters are a bit annoyed at the reduction of trigger weight to 1000g (there’s some … Read the rest

Kada 2

Just a cross-post link – sometimes programming and target shooting can intersect šŸ˜€… Read the rest

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