Irish Olympic target shooting

Some days, it all goes right. Twice.

Was shooting at 18m on Sunday. The club arrows are a bit unmatched, and the bow’s untuned, but at least one of the arrows worked well:

Perfect X

Thought I was doing well with that one, and then on the very next end, the same arrow went into the same hole:

Perfect X

Perfect X

Needless to say, the other arrows didn’t want to play quite so nice. But new arrows and the rest of the kit is due to arrive here in the next few days, so this weekend should see a bit of twanging with matched arrows, for fun.

And happily, my swimmer’s ear has cleared up thanks to some eardrops, so I can get back to some air rifle as well. Still gonna keep up the archery though, it’s a lot of fun on a sunny afternoon.

Claire and Jimmy retreiving their arrows

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