Irish Olympic target shooting

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GB Junior International, homecoming

Well, my dreams of uninterrupted broadband access for the entire trip didn’t quite work out – for the last two days I wasn’t able to upload photos or … Read the rest

Ireland takes Silver medal!

Sorry folks, little time here, but a quick update – Susan Cunningham has taken a silver medal in the Junior Women’s Air Rifle match here! More later tonigh… Read the rest

GB Jr Intl 07 – Day One

The first day of the event proper kicked off early this morning, with the team having breakfast together in the Surrey Rifle Club at 0730. Not quite bright-eyed and bush… Read the rest

GB Jr Intl 07 – Day Zero!

Well, we made it here in one piece – eventually! – and everyone’s settled into their accommodations. A bit of changing around of rooms and so on when … Read the rest

GB Jr Intl '07

Kickoff is getting closer. Final itinerary being prepared, but we’re hampered by the lack of squadding times from the NSRA, who are swamped, since they’… Read the rest

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