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Monthly Archives: February 2007

UCD Open 2 and disaster strikes!

Okay, so not in the match itself, that went rather well and I’m quite happy with the scores our squad put in, but a connecting rod in my Izzy has broken! No!

Broken IZH-46M

Well, it d… Read the rest

UCD Open Thursday detail

Well, we couldn’t get everyone on the squad to go to the match on the weekend because some had work and other things they couldn’t get out of. So we organised … Read the rest

FIS/Bar Council Sports Arbitration conference

So what do you do when you’ve got a problem with how a match was run or over not being picked to represent your country or whatever? For a lot of sports – boxing… Read the rest

NTSA Committee Meeting #6

Now there was a meeting I thought we made real progress at. We sorted out the international matches for the remainder of the year. Matches other than the europeans or Mun… Read the rest

Best meal ever

Last night was herself’s birthday, so we went out to Jacobs Ladder for the tasting menu and to hell with the Atkins diet for the night. Oh dear sweet flying spagett… Read the rest

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