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Monthly Archives: September 2006

Weekends keep getting harder…

A wierd weekend, that one. Work’s pressing hard right now, so 16-hour days all last week, and when I got out of the car at herself’s on Friday night, I was so t… Read the rest

Small improvements

Back to the pool last night. Managed six lengths before having to stop for a few minutes, and managed either 19 or 21 lengths over the 90 minutes or so I was in the pool. Whic… Read the rest

Anschutz Air Rifle Cylinder Recall

At this point, everyone probably knows about this, but just in case, given the damage that a faulty air cylinder could cause (lots. Seriously. Lots) I think it’s … Read the rest

Back in the water

This swimming malarky is going well, I think. Ten lengths last night. Not bad for someone who three or four posts ago was unable to get in the pool without trying to hyperv… Read the rest

Long weekend

Been a bit of a long weekend really. Friday was a fundraising barbecue in Wilkinstown. Not a bad turnout, and we raised over a thousand euro for the team, so we’re s… Read the rest

Swimming again

Went back to the pool last night. Managed eight lengths this time, four of them without that little floating board thingy they give newbies to lessen the number of bodie… Read the rest

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