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Monthly Archives: December 2005


Hmmm. Well, the blog’s been picked up by Hope you guys find it to be in some way interesting, and maybe you’ll even give olympic target shoo… Read the rest

Colds again…

Bah. Was due to go training in WTSC tonight, but it’s not going to happen, thanks to a miserable head cold. Damn virus. Sniffling and woozieness don’t make … Read the rest

But much better in the evening…

After a rather bad training session at lunch, and a two-hour delay picking up the last gift for herself (thank you all the bad drivers who were converging on Blanchardst… Read the rest

Bad lunch.

So I knew it couldn’t last. Today’s lunchtime training was awful. Couldn’t feel the inner position at all, my hold was worse than yesterday, and my … Read the rest

Practise, practise, practise

15 minutes spent just practising today. Never even pulled through the second stage on the trigger, just ran through the mount of the rifle over and over. Range time tomo… Read the rest

Wibble wobble, wibble wobble…

Another lunchtime spent in my socks holding an empty air rifle. (Now there’s something I wouldn’t have thought I’ve have said in previous years). … Read the rest


These lunchtime training sessions are rather short; but that’s proving to be a strength, as you just pick one thing and watch that. Like today, for instance; I fo… Read the rest

Lunch is for wimps?

Surprising how easy it is to train for 20 minutes during lunch. No jacket, no trousers, no target, just you, a glove and the rifle. Two minutes to put the sights on, fiftee… Read the rest

Pleasure in the job…

Another hard night’s fun 🙂 Got the new buttplate mounted on the rifle and adjusted to close to the old buttplate’s position by measurements, then shot … Read the rest

Woot! New toys!

My new MEC Contact II buttplate arrived today! €65 on Ebay as well, which was nice. Tomorrow evening will be installing and setting it up. Photos to follow soon!

A… Read the rest

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