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Monthly Archives: November 2003

DURC 10m Air Rifle Open

The DURC 10m Open was a bit of a disaster for me personally this year. The lack of training time really showed itself, with a 24-point drop from the UCD open to 531. My posit… Read the rest

DURC Air Rifle Open

The DURC Air Rifle Open starts tonight. Range Officer duty tonight for me, and on Saturday, and then I shoot on Sunday.… Read the rest

Fassaroe Open

Very low attendance since half of WTSC is down with flu and Rhona, Declan and Liam Spillane are all off in Guthenberg at the European championships.

Still sick on the day … Read the rest


So I’m guessing this is a bad head cold. Which probably means I won’t shoot this weekend for the WAIDAM open, though I’m still planning on going (and … Read the rest

Argh and Dammit

You know, if I were religious, I’d be worried. No sooner had we repaired the damage from the first lightning strike, but we had another one – this time not a m… Read the rest

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