DURC 10m Air Rifle Open

The DURC 10m Open was a bit of a disaster for me personally this year. The lack of training time really showed itself, with a 24-point drop from the UCD open to 531. My position drifted from what I had trained with to a much more extreme twist, which did give good upper body stability and a nice solid hold for the first two or three seconds, but my legs simply ran out of steam after the first string and it was a struggle from there on. I don’t know for sure what caused it, though I suspect the influenze a week or so ago assisted!

The competition itself did at least go reasonably smoothly, and I got to shoot a reasonably good final because so many people left and didn’t return for the final.

My position didn’t hold so well:

Diary Templates:

RAPSO Scores page:

And the targets are in here.

Fassaroe Open

Very low attendance since half of WTSC is down with flu and Rhona, Declan and Liam Spillane are all off in Guthenberg at the European championships.

Still sick on the day so I didn’t shoot, just drove for our lot. Who did reasonably well, though nowhere near their potential.


So I’m guessing this is a bad head cold. Which probably means I won’t shoot this weekend for the WAIDAM open, though I’m still planning on going (and have to since I’m driving the DURC guys’n’gals there).

I know there’s a missing entry on the UCD open below, when the PC at home went, I had to replace it temporarily with my linux machine and I haven’t sorted out the drivers for the scanner yet to scan in the diary entries for that competition. It went well though, I scored a 555 (which it seems was my competition PB, which kinda shocks me – I thought it was in the ’60s, but that seems to have been a training PB). SO I met the goal I’d set myself.

So for the moment, it doesn’t look like I’ll be training or shooting for a while.
No worries, I’ve got to play with my pistol grip on my rifle because it needs to be built up under my palm as my hands are a shade too big for the grip. I’ve done this already with card and tape, but I may as well do it permanently now, using plastic wood.

And I’m going to try to get a Squad Training blog set up on durc for the Squad members and coaches for this year. All the little trivia that I can do, since I’m too under the weather to do much else.

Argh and Dammit

You know, if I were religious, I’d be worried. No sooner had we repaired the damage from the first lightning strike, but we had another one – this time not a mile from the house, but 40 metres away. Loud explosion, bright flash, interesting sight as the struck tree literally exploded, and then the realisation that the PC, the ISDN modem and the ISDN line itself were all fried, as was the TV and very nearly one of the local dogs…

Anyway, back up here on an old PC and spare modem, so I guess I’m back… though I’m seriously thinking of enclosing the entire house in a tin foil faraday cage!